Kaula Tantra from the Shri Kali Ashram


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Two day intensive on Tantra Yoga for all levels of yogis. Explore the Tantric approach to meditative asana practice, learn the core principles of Tantric Knowledge, experience Tantric Culture by participating in a puja (goddess consecration ritual) and leave with the abilities to give an Ayurvedic Walking Massage.

When: Dec. 8-9 from noon to 8pm

Where: Warmth Studio, 155 Spring Hill Dr. Grass Valley, CA 95945

Cost: $250pp. Pre Pay $220. $20 discount for Two; couples or friends. Vegetarian Meal Included

Weekend Courses and Week Retreats

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  • Ayurvedic Body Alignment (walking massage)

  • Tantric approach to Meditation

  • Tri-Dosha Asana Practice & Pranayama

  • Satsang (group discussions)

  • Mantric Science & Bhajan (Music with chanting)

  • Consecrate the Goddess Puja (ritual)

  • Good Food for the Soul and Belly

These courses are for everyone no matter what level or how experienced. Yogic knowledge shapes the perception of one's life and establishes a solid position in their existence and direction. Asana, Pranayama and Bhanda practices (physical and internal practices) build overall health for a person to be an integrated expression of that knowledge. We will come together to devote time cultivating your wholesome self, accompanied with discussions on Kaula Tantra, to assist in furthering your potential.

Through honoring yourself, you know how to honor another and by honoring another, you live a full filling way of life.   

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Courses led by Ericardo Baldonado

Ayurvedic Body Alignment

Ayurvedic Walking Massage helps the lymphatic system drain toxic waste, maintain the health of muscle fibers, maintain subtleness, help integrate the skeletal changes that undergo asana practice, relieves stress, improves moods and is important for a yogis overall health. Using the feet is a precise skill that can apply deep pressure with less effort and able to massage whole body in a timely sense. Anyone can learn this traditional massage and include in their routine, you just need another Yogi friend.

Private Classes

Private session can include an Ayurvedic Walking Massage with an Asana and Pranayama class at your home or studio

Everyone naturally has a different body type, so according to the individual's needs we can incorporate a specific routine that is appropriate for optimizing your health. Tri-Dosha Balancing Asana Series has a variety of progressive asanas for different levels, specific pranayama (breath control), and additions for improving flexibility, rehabilitation and core strength. If your interested in a bandha practice I can offer guidance to develop your practice along with your asana routine. 

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