Tantra Yoga


A Tantric Initiate is on a path for a fullfilled existence, dropping fictions and myths for their full potential to be realized. Tantra consist of practices such as asana, mantra, yantra, puja (ritual), kundalini, dhyana (meditation), samadhi and more aspects of yoga. The physical practices (mainly asana, pranayama and bandha) of Tantra Yoga (kaula) are essentially based in Ayurvedic science. The whole Kaula System is based on the subtle energy system (prana or chi in the Chinese systems). By enhancing your prana through Tantra Yoga practices you can balance every aspect of your self (emotional, physical, mental), thus improving health on a genetic level. In Ayurveda, imbalances within your entire system can be measured by your Doshas (vata, pitta and kapha) and treated properly. One way the Kaula System treats imbalances is through a Tri-dosha Balancing Asana series, the main asana practice for overall health. A teacher will guide a student through asanas in a relaxing flow, cultivating meditation and culture the unconscious or sub-conscious to be free of any stored stress, trauma and clutter within the mind and body. This is a complete practice that builds a person to be strong from the inside-out, for their internal systems to function proficiently and their body, mind and spirit to integrally express a healthy balanced wholesome nature. A wholesome nature does not compete, objectify, separate nor isolate self or others but, places self amongst the whole divine reality, living in truth (vidya) not ignorance (avidya), giving meaning to life.  Tantra is a science and culture that leads to mastery, freedom, love (kama) and union.

Ericardo offers Tantra Yoga classes in California when he is not at Shri Kali Ashram

 Bhagavan Shanamuka from Shri Kali Ashram on the essence of Tantra

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